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More information about DEEP Robotics Lite3 robot:
🔗 Official Website: www.deeprobotics.cn/en/
🔗 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/deep-robotics/
🔗 YouTube: www.youtube.com/@deeprobotics8601

Unveiling Lite3: DEEP Robotics’ Robot Dog Transforms the Future of Tech For $2890!

Discover the future of robotics with the latest release from DEEP Robotics Co. — Lite3, the new generation of intelligent robot dogs designed for education, research, and innovative entertainment. Don’t miss out on experiencing the power of advanced mobility combined with an open modular structure.

The Lite3 series introduces four different models: a basic model for tech enthusiasts and three advanced versions for scientific exploration. Witness the extraordinary capabilities of Lite3 as it carries loads up to 7.5 kg, operates for 90 minutes, covers a range of 5 km, and tackles steps up to 15 cm high — pushing the limits of quadruped robot performance.

Marvel at the agility of Lite3 with its ability to execute horizontal jumps, high jumps, front flips, and other complex maneuvers. Furthermore, Lite3’s open modular structure allows for easy integration of modules such as Real-Time Kinematic (RTK), artificial intelligence, edge processing, and various sensor types.

Enhanced with LiDAR and depth cameras, Lite3 is equipped to navigate challenging terrains, showcasing auto-navigation, obstacle avoidance, visual positioning, 3D scanning, and more perceptional abilities.

Already enjoyed in over a dozen countries across North America, Western Europe, the Middle East, and parts of Asia, including Japan and South Korea, the Lite3 series is now available for pre-order. Visit DEEP Robotics’ official website and local resellers to place your order.

Founded in 2017, DEEP Robotics leads the industry in exploring the industrial applications of quadruped robots in Asia. As pioneers of fully autonomous inspections with quadruped robots in China, DEEP Robotics continues to expand the potential uses of their robots.

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