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What Ink Cartridges Are Best for Small Business Offices?

There is no need to get enormously expensive ink cartridges in order to make your small business office run smoothly. You can make the right choice as to what type of ink cartridges to purchase to reduce expenses as much as possible but at the same time maintain professional looking prints.

Sandy Bridge Technology Introduction

There were a couple of interesting Sandy Bridge sessions at the Intel Channel & Embedded Conference held this week in the Atlanta area. I’m sure you’ve heard some of the hype regarding this “2nd generation Intel Core™ processor family.” Some information is just that – hype – but, the reality is that there are some major design changes to the processor in the Sandy Bridge architecture that should vastly improve the system performance, power efficiencies and platform security in Mil-COTS defense applications, medical imaging and industrial automation systems.

Used Cisco Equipment Can Deliver the Same Level of Performance That the Brand Is Known For

Cisco is known as one of the leading providers of the networking equipment in the industry. For many loyal IT experts, used Cisco equipment is preferred over competing brands.

Hallmarks Of A Professional Business Computer Repair And Support Firm

Computer downtime is an occurrence that no business can afford in these hyper competitive times. Even an hour missed due to faulty equipment, software error or network issues can result in large scale losses.

It’s Not Too Late to Sell Your Outdated Laptop

The portable computing marketplace is and has always been a highly competitive landscape. Ultimately, consumers win because they can purchase advanced technology at fairly low price points. For example, you can get a small powerhouse of a computer for just a few hundred dollars. Prices are relatively low thanks to all of the various brands competing against each other out there. Unfortunately, not all of them can keep up and companies come and go all the time. If you have an Everex laptop, you’d understand that statement completely. Although you can’t buy a new one made by that company anymore, you can sell the Everex laptop you have lying around and move on to something better whenever you’re ready.

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