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Sony Laptop Models – Great Aesthetics But Relatively Expensive

This article talks about the latest amongst Sony laptop models in the market – the Sony VAIO Y Series VPC-Y218FX. It is a typical Sony notebook with rounded hinges for the display, chiclet keyboard and a really colorful lid. The laptop looks really pretty but there are a few disappointments inside like lack of multitouch gestures for the touchpad.

Four-Channel Digital Oscilloscope DS1104B

Oscilloscopes are used in many fields to measure many demand signals at the same time, so we want to get a multi-channel oscilloscope to deal with. However, some time we need to observe the triggering events and fleeting signals in the details, so we need a digital storage oscilloscope. When the needs come together, how should we solve the problem?

Home Computer Network With Powerline Ethernet Adapter

Building a home computer network in a large home with two or more storey building is sometimes frustrating. Thick concrete building generally contributes signal attenuation and dead spots in wireless. Running network cable is a hard work to do. But Powerline Ethernet adapter helps you build the network easily.

All In One Printers – A Good Choice for Home Users

Most all of the all in one printer machines for sale in the market place are generally well-built, multi function units which possess a cheap cost as well as lots of functions intended for the household user. Even though there tend to be more styles, sizes along with different kinds of printers on the market for the home as well as small business user than ever before, the competitors have made it possible to have loads of choices with a great spectrum of price tags as well as functions. Multi-purpose or all in one designs typically are available in both…

HP Touchsmart Review

HP touchsmart will take up a minimal amount of classroom space. It has realized my childhood dreams when I was tapping away on my Commodore Vic20. It is the first entry with a large computer manufacturer. It may be the coolest PC in the world period…at least for now.

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